Message from the Principal

Dear Students, Parents and Families,

Thank you for all of your support during this past school year.  All students have received a homework packages in Literacy and Mathematics to complete this summer.  These are due the first day students return to school, Thursday, September 7, 2017.  If you are new to our school or have misplaced your packages, you can download each grade's packages on this website under "Parents and Families".  Have a wonderful summer.  See you in September!

Educationally yours,

Ms. Margarita Colón



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Vision Statement

P.S. 72 is committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for students, families, and staff. As we foster the social and emotional development of our diverse learners, we ensure that through a rigorous CCLS aligned curriculum our children’s higher order thinking is stimulated and deep understanding is built through engaging, inquiry based learning experiences that will prepare them for college and careers. Dialogue between families and school will be grounded in shared data around students' learning and success that reflects school wide goals.

Mission Statement

P.S. 72 staff will ensure that all students receive engaging, rigorous, and differentiated instruction. We will set high expectations for success and prompt students to think deeply through questioning, inquiry, and application of knowledge. We will ensure student’s learning is monitored through on-going assessment and self-reflection.

Instructional Focus

Staff and students will understand how teaching points and strategies impact our writing, why they are important and how they are transferable.